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Nouveau Systems® Announces Partner Alliance Program for Solution Professionals

Revenue and Lead Sharing Program to Simplify, Accelerate Product Evaluation and Adoption

Santa Clara, California - May 1, 2006 - Nouveau Systems today announced a new partnership program aimed at solution professionals. The Partner Alliance Program for Solution Professionals is designed to simplify and accelerate the product evaluation and adoption process for prospective customers, while giving solution professionals an opportunity to lock in new accounts and generate revenue during in the sales process.

According to Philip Gust, President and CEO of Nouveau Systems, a unique feature of the program is that no direct selling by the solution professional is required. "Nouveau Systems identifies highly qualified evaluators who want to evaluate and actually intend to purchase products like ours. We pair that customer with a solution professional who is trained on our software and has expertise in the evaluator's industry or application, at no cost to the customer. The solution professional works closely with the customer to ensure that their evaluation goes smoothly, quickly, and successfully."

If the evaluation is successful and the customer decides to purchase, the solution professional receives a pre-negotiated commission of from 25-40% of the sale, depending on their past performance and customer satisfaction. The more successful ones receive a higher percentage. And because the solution professional has worked closely with the customer during the evaluation, he or she has the opportunity to receive a post-sale contract with the customer for all or part of the actual implementation and receive 100% of the revenue. Based on feedback from the customer on the their experience with the solution professional, performance information for the solution professional is factored into their future commission structure.

In return for participating, qualified solution professionals receive free training, free support, free development software with upgrades, and significant discounts on software they sell to accounts they develop independently. The solution professional is responsible for maintaining expertise with the product and for taking additional training on new features in each release.

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