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Nouveau Systems® Announces FlowSpace® Workflow Developer 3.0

Major New Version of Collaborative Workflow Developer to Ship Q1 2007

Santa Clara, California. - December 8, 2007 - Nouveau Systems announced a major new version of its FlowSpace Workflow Develper. FlowSpace is the first collaboration-enabled, integrated development environment (IDE) for creating, debugging, deploying, and managing fully distributed, mobile workflow processes.

FlowSpace presents a familiar "tabbed notebook" GUI that simplifies project management by enabling users to organize related workflows into labeled project sections. Related design information can be stored with a workflow by attaching annotations, project notes, design documents, pictures, email, web pages, or other documents.

FlowSpace enables end-users to create sophisticated automations by virtually eliminating the need for programming. Users graphically draw and connect steps, then automate them by adding activities from an extensible library. Activities are reusable automation building blocks that are extremely easy for end-users to combine and customize. If a new function is ever required, FlowSpace enables a developer to quickly create a new activity and instantly deploy it to end-users, all from within FlowSpace.

FlowSpace 3.0 includes an enhanced graphical debugger that makes it easy for both end-users and developers to find problems by stepping through a workflow, executing activities, setting break points,examining values, and even correcting the problem while the workflow is running.

FlowSpace is ideal for next-generation "workflow-enabled" applications, which use workflows to express business logic instead of hardwiring it in to each application. "Workflow-enabled applications reduce cost and improve results by enabling domain experts to define, modify, and visualize the business logic," said Philip Gust, President and CEO of Nouveau Systems. "With shrinking IT budgets and an increasingly complex business landscape, FlowSpace 's building-block approach enables both technical staff and and domain experts to work together to create business critical, workflow-enabled applications."

Built on the Nouveau Alliance® Collaboration Platform, FlowSpace enables users across the enterprise to transparently share and reuse existing workflows, and to collaborate in real-time as they create, debug, and manage workflows. "FlowSpace is the ideal workflow development environment for distributed organizations and those who outsource work to remote locations," according to Mr.Gust.

FlowSpace 3.0 integrates with external systems, including corporate information systems; application, document management, database, and email servers; and directory, messaging, and web services. It is completely written in Java, and is available on a wide range of  environments, including Windows 2000/XP, Linux, MacOS 10, Solaris, HP/UX, and AIX.

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