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Nouveau Systems® Releases New Multi-Edition Version of FlowSpace 3 at LinuxWorld

Workflow Automation Product Boasts Universal Scripting Framework, Web 2.0 Automation Functionality

San Francisco, Calif. - August 7, 2007 - Nouveau Systems today announced the immediate availablity of a new multi-edition version of FlowSpace 3. The graphical workflow development envirionment is now available in three editions. Personal Edition is aimed at individual desktop users, while Professional Edition is aimed at workgroups, and Department Edition is for department-wide deployment. The company also announced that FlowSpace Personal Edition is available free for non-commercial use with no registration required.

"People won't waste time learning products that stop working after 30 days or require detailed registration," said Philip Gust, President and CEO of Nouveau Systems. "We really want people to invest in learning our products, so we offer fully functional Personal Editions free. We're confident that once people try them, they'll want to deploy our products within their organization."

FlowSpace, enables end-users to automate functions on their desktops, and create workgroup- and department-wide automations that can run anywhere in a Nouveau Alliance collaboration grid. Users graphically draw and connect steps, then automate them by adding activities from an extensible library. Activity "building blocks" are easy to combine and customize, virtually eliminating the need for programming. FlowSpace includes an advanced debugger that enables users to monitor and modify workflows as they are running, anywhere in the grid.

"FlowSpace is the ideal workflow development environment for anyone from desktop users, to distributed organizations and those who outsource work to remote locations," according to Mr.Gust.

The latest version of FlowSpace includes a new Universal Scripting Framework. Users can now create activities in over a dozen languages, including Java, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, and Python, as well as VBScript on Microsoft Windows, and AppleScript on Mac OS X. Also new is the ability to define business logic for advanced Web 2.0 applications through workflows. Using FlowSpace, domain experts without advanced programming skills can now directly contribute their expertise to IT developed applications, eliminating the traditional disconnect between IT and end users. A new RDBMS integration framework enables storing and retrieving information from any commercial RDBMS within a workflow. DerbyDB, a full-functioned RDBMS is pre-integrated and ready to use at no additional cost. Finally, the Department Edition includes WebStart, a unique technology that enables users to launch FlowSpace directly from their web browsers. WebStart completely eliminates the overhead of deploying FlowSpace to each desktop.

FlowSpace is available now on a wide range of systems, including Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, HP/UX, and AIX.

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