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Application Solutions

Business Solutions Nouveau Systems delivers application solutions that businesses can use out of the box to capture, manage, automate, and reuse the information they create and the processes they follow. And because these applications are built on the Nouveau Alliance Collaborative Platform, they are fully collaborative, enabling everyone in your organization to work together where ever and whenever. These applications include:

FlowSpace® Workflow Developer enables you to graphically develop, debug, and deploy workflow processes. No pre-planning, no additional infrastructure, and no central IT management is required. Anyone can create, share, and reuse workflow processes across the entire organization. FlowSpace is the world's first workflow development system that enables people in different parts of an organization to collaboratively develop and share workflow processes in real-time. With FlowSpace, employees can connect with each other anywhere in the organization at any time and begin developing, sharing, and combining workflows. FlowSpace provides all the standard features you expect for business process automation, plus much more.

NoteSpace® Collaborative Notebook enables you to capture information from any source into pages and sections of an on-screen notebook. You can drag and drop content from office productivity applications, email, and web pages, as well as rich media content such as movies, sound, and images. You can even capture live content from applets, RSS streams, and other on-line sources. Once you capture content, you can organize it, make connections, and add annotations. NoteSpace supports both real-time and off-line collaboration. You can share entire notebooks, specific sections and pages, or even individual pieces of information, any time and anywhere.

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