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Nouveau Systems products enable organizations to dramatically improve productivity. By integrating Nouveau Systems' collaboration platform and applications with their existing systems and tools, organizations can capture, manage, automate, and share both information and processes, within individual projects and throughout the enterprise. As a result, they realize improved time-to-market, repeatablity, transferability, and leverage of intellectual property.

Nouveau Alliance® Platform and Applications

Nouveau Alliance collaboration platform and applications provide integrated collaboration, information management, process automation, and knowledge capture.

Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Platform provides advanced collaboration, automation, and information and process management functionality. The platform can be used stand-alone as well as integegrated with existing applications and software systems. It is scalable and easy to deploy, yet secure through Nouveau Systems' intelligent peer-to-peer (P2P) grid technology. The platform can also be extended by adding new platform services, enabling you to create custom platform configurations that meet your specific needs.

Nouveau Alliance Applications provide rich graphical user interfaces for creating, managing, and visualizing information and processes within the grid of Nouveau Alliance platforms. And because they operate within the Nouveau Alliance platform, these applications support full multi-user collaboration, including real-time collaboration, anywhere and any time.

Customer applications and software systems, along with Nouveau Alliance applications, work together within an intelligent peer-to-peer (P2P) grid of Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Platforms.

Features and Benefits

Unlike traditional enterprise technologies, Nouveau Systems products offer:

Low-cost incrementatal deployment. Nouveau Systems products incorporate intelligent P2P grid technology that enables new servers and services to be purchased and deployed incrementally, with no additional administrative overhead.

Scalable performance. Nouveau Systems products and services scale seemlessly from individual desktops, to project teams, to department workstations, to enterprise servers.Scaling up is easy and completely transparent to end-users.

Simple integration. Integrating existing software components, data models, and end-user tools is simple with Nouveau Systems products. Major productivity tools are pre-integrated, and functionality is available across all servers, users, and applications.

Transparent collaboration. Seamless collaboration anywhere and any time is built in to Nouveau Systems products. The platform "collaboration enables" all components, data models and tools, eliminating the need for separate, disconnected collaboration, meeting, and sharing solutions.

Easy extensibility, customization, and automation. Nouveau Systems products allow end users to extend and customize existing solutions and create new solutions by combining existing functionality. Intitive graphical user interfaces, and simple customization and automation tools tools put domain experts back in the driver's seat.

Service-oriented solutions. Nouveau Systems products incorporate advance service-oriented architectures (SOA) that make it easy to combining existing "building blocks" to create new solutions. It is easy to create reusable services that are accessible anywhere in the peer network.

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