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Product Editions Guide

Nouveau Systems offers three editions of all its products. This guide describes the features of each edition and provides a handy comparison chart to help you determine which one is right for you.

Personal Edition

A Personal Edition license is the ideal choice for personal use. It allows you to run a Nouveau Alliance collaboration server and applications on your personal desktop. The server can be accessed locally on your machine, and supports a single workspace. Nouveau Alliance applications can access your local server. Advanced collaboration and peer-to-peer features are not available in the Personal Edition.


A Professional Edition license enables collaboration and peer-to-peer features that allow you to share information and collaborate with other users in your workgroup. Your gain full access to other Professional and Department Edition servers in your peer-to-peer network, and the number of simultaneous workspaces supported by your servevr increases to 5. You also gain access to a range of security features including encryption, user authentication, access control, and secure network communications.


A Department license offers the lowest price per user for departments or large workgroups. It provides a self-hosted Nouveau Alliance collaboration server that can be shared by everyone in the department. End users can run Nouveau Alliance applications remotely without installing them on each user's desktop. Department Edition license provides an unlimited number of workspaces per server.

Upgrading to Professional or Department Editions provide the following additional benefits:

Feature   Personal   Professional   Department
Collaborate with other users in real-time
Transparently share workspaces and content
Execute mobile automations across multiple hosts
Build dynamic, servlet-based web applications
Provide remote access to SQL databases
Enable encryption and other high-security features
Create and manage multiple workspaces 5 unlimited
Run applications without installing on each desktop
Ensure high-availabity access to shared workspaces
Administer Department and Professional Edition servers
Use advanced web technologies including JSP, XML
Integrate with existing department SQL servers
Dedicated Product Support available available

Nouveau Systems offers a free 30-day, fully-functional evaluation of all Professional and Department Edition products. After you install the Personal Edition, fill out the form to request an evaluation. The evaluation is risk free. Professional or Department Edition features will expire at the end of thirty days, but you will continue to have full use of all Personal Edition features.

Download your free Personal Edition of Nouveau Alliance Collaboration suite and request a risk-free 30-day Professional or Department Edition evaluation today!

> Click here to download.

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